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Shikha has far exceeded our expectations of a real estate agent.

I have bought and sold many properties in the past with different agents. This time, Shikha was helping my elderly parents purchase a VERY inexpensive property in New Jersey while staying in touch with me on the West Coast. Shikha has shown so much patience and care in everything she was doing. My parents' English is not great and the whole process of buying a property is new. Not to mention, that their driving orientaiton in a new area is...well... not good. They were getting lost and late for hours for every appointment. Shikha was the most patient, always giving them directions and several times, just telling them to wait where they are and coming to get them. She is very knowledgeable in the local prices and has helped to seal a deal that had multiple offers. The contract was signed literally days before Shelter in Place orders started coming out due to the Coronavirus. It was no longer possible for me to fly from the West Coast to assist my parents. There were so many questions on how the closing would be handled, whether my parents would even be able to move in the near future etc. Times were scary. Shikha was empathetic and the well-being of my parents was always a priority. She told me multiple times that getting out of the contract was definitely an option (after inspection) and she would be more than happy to start over when the times improve. She said that as people were facing an uncertain financial future, she was telling all of her clients to think it over whether this was a good time for them to commit. We went ahead with the purchase, Shikha has done a walk through for us so that my parents did not have to take an extra drive and a chance of exposure. Closing was virtual and keys were overnighted to them. My parents are extremely happy with the house and the process. I recommend Shikha without any reservation for any real estate transaction, big or small.

Irene Yusim

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